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5 Ways to Effective Communications

Developing effective communications requires marketers to identify the target audience, determine the objectives of the communication, design the communications, select the channels of distribution, and establish a budget.

Identify the Target Audience

The target audience could be current or potential customers. They may be considering your product, or they may be loyal to you. The communication must speak directly to them and demonstrate the value and benefits of the communication. 

Determine the Communication Objectives

Of course, the objective is to convey your message (sell product). Other objectives are to create awareness about your brand and to establish a brand attitude that helps consumers have the need for your product.

Design the Communication

Design the communication by determining the message, or what you’re going to say. Secondly, create the correct way to say it by using a creative strategy. Then, determine how to disseminate the message.

Select the Channels of Distribution

Some channels of distribution include advertising through live events and promotions, mass media advertising, social media, email marketing, and word-of-mouth.

Establish the Marketing budget

The marketing budget should be determined by analyzing and measuring current communications and constantly improving to achieve the highest return on investment.

Effective communication is a process that is continually being improved upon. Using these methods of communication will help effectively convey your message and achieve your communication objectives.

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