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Beware of the Most Boring Meeting Ever!

People sleeping at your data presentation. Minilypse Ljubljana 2008

I remember waking up to the same monotone voice that I had fallen asleep to. Had 10 minutes passed? One hour? Who knows how long I had been asleep? This meeting was a drag from the first Topics list shown on Slide 1. No one likes to get caught sleeping. The feeling of being trapped in a meeting with someone who is reciting long lists of numbers, dates, budgets, or other dense material is stressful.

How to Make Something Boring—Interesting!

A well-designed experiment will yield interesting data that the presenter can emphasize to each member of their audience. It would be helpful if the presenter was more physically engaging. They could raise and lower the tone of their voice and show interesting data visualizations to get their points across. They should be using language that is understandable to the audience and helps keep them interested in the presentation. Making the information relatable goes a long way in keeping the audience engaged as well.

Presenting Data in An Engaging Way

Making the results interesting and engaging takes preparation and practice. When presenting advanced data, it is important to reveal the unique insights that get stakeholders excited about the information itself. Keep them alert by having additional insights and relevant facts prepared as visual data to use as needed. Clear, concise language with voice inflections and modulation also keep the audience focused on the message.

Portrait of smiling woman indicating research data to board directors. Marketing businesswoman at data presentation.

Successfully presenting complex marketing data can be improved by:

• Practicing proper public speaking skills.

• Creating a well-designed experiment with proper analysis and finding facts that are relevant to audience members.

• Using data visualization to show the most interesting facts in an engaging way.

Practice these, and eventually, your marketing data presentations won’t be called “The most boring meetings ever!”

— Robert Vergara rverg007@fiu.edu

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