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Commitment to Customers and Culture—Positions Zappos as One of the Best

Forward-Thinking Vision

When Zappos early investor and CEO Tony Hsieh first envisioned the type of company Zappos would be, he stated that Zappos would be a service company that happens to sell shoes. This meant that customer service was the number-one priority, and this culture would be imbued in every aspect of the company. In addition, Zappos envisioned itself as a trusted employer that would confer all stakeholders with the respect and service they deserved.

Customers, Employees, and Communities

For 20 years Zappos has been selling high quality shoes and garments while providing the very best customer service and experiences, all while fostering a positive corporate culture. They are also appreciated in the communities they serve because of their corporate social responsibility and commitment to employees.

Cultivate Culture and the Rest Will Come

Zappos corporate culture is embodied by the statement, “if you can hire talented people who love their jobs, great service and brand power come naturally.” This motto has helped the company achieve a certain reputation for corporate responsibility. Additionally, their customers’ satisfaction positions Zappos as an organization that delivers­ happiness to customers and the community, as well as employees, vendors, and shareholders in a long-term, sustainable way.

Zappos position as a forward-thinking organization that offers the very best service and experiences, aligns with their satisfied, loyal customers who count on­­ Zappos to deliver happiness through Commerce, Customer Service, Company Culture, and Community.

—Robert Vergara
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