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Discover Useful Business Insights Using Tableau’s Advanced Features

The effectiveness of Tableau in connecting various data sources to collect, process, store, and organize giant data is impressive. The software allows customized analysis from different departments and helps organize and forecast effective strategies.

Going Beyond the Basics

Tableau makes it easy to maximize data through additional features like filters, sorting, and grouping.

Filtering data allows filtering of data through specific attributes like order priority, product name, order date, or year.

Adding interactive filters places them on the filter shelf. Selecting a mark and clicking “keep only” will place them on the filter shelf as well. Sorting data allows users to prioritize the data that is important to them like dimensions, measures, and dates.

It is easy to sort data by using the quick sort option on the table axis. One-click will sort in ascending, then descending order. It is also possible to sort by using the field labels. It is also possible to sort by dragging items from the view or legend. Right-clicking the pill allows you to choose alphabetic sorting or manual.

Grouping allows analysis with less than perfect data. For example, perhaps some of the raw data identifies the state of New York as “NY” and other data identifies it as “New York”. Grouping in Tableau lets us create a new field based on a combination of numbers. If the data contains New York and NY as data, we can combine all these records into a group for accurate data analysis.

Make Use of the Actionable Business Insights in Tableau

Make the most out of Tableau by using filters, sorting, and grouping. These additional functionalities in Tableau make data analysis more comprehensive and customized to the user’s needs. These added insights help users identify, organize and forecast effective strategies.

—Robert Vergara

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