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Fostering Brand Community Through Social Media

Social media platforms provide fertile ground for building social communities. There may be thousands of people who love to play video games or try new cosmetics, or love to build models out of Lego bricks.

Each of these communities is a niche market to be discovered.

Marketers can find the unique characteristics of these groups and target a group of like-minded individuals. Social media allows valuable messages to be dispersed among groups of people who may have similar wants, needs, and consumption patterns.

Once a marketer becomes part of a niche community, it can establish itself as a valuable purveyor of information that can help enhance the group’s knowledge and become influential in the community.

Contributing to a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter conversation can increase the credibility of a brand and make it more relatable to the users in the group.

As a brand contributes and creates organic growth, the social community learns to depend on the brand and expects that it be part of the community.

Therefore, social media platforms enhance opportunities to foster brand communities because they offer more channels for brands to provide valuable information and become part of those communities. Social media enhances community engagement and familiarity with the brand. These communities are sustained by some of the communication efforts put forth by brands and how they relate to individuals within each niche community.

—Robert Vergara

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