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Gucci Builds Brand Value by Leveraging Secondary Associations

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Establishing positive brand associations increase brand equity and value. Since 2015, Gucci’s CEO Marco Bizzarri and Creative Director Alessandro Michele have helped increase revenue and turned Gucci into one of the largest luxury brands in the world.

The team at Gucci established the Gucci Look. This was a lifestyle and garments that mixed glamorous hippie florals and glitzy unisex equestrian prints—instantly recognizable as Gucci.

Gucci’s aesthetic is now well-defined and contains core products that solidify the images that appear in consumers’ minds when they hear the name Gucci:  

Italian, Quality, Creativity, Glamour, Romance, Status, Exclusive, Inclusive, Artistic

The creative team has defined a brand narrative that is based on a fantastical world of gardens, fine artwork, and elegance. Gucci reinforces this narrative by creating museum-like experiences in their stores and in their high-end contemporary restaurants.

Gucci’s also has a historic brand name. They leverage that heritage by mixing new products with classics from their archives and create hybrid products that exhibit Gucci’s brand values.

Additionally, Gucci continually leverages positive brand associations through:

•. The Italian design philosophy.

•  Philanthropy.

•  Upscale channels of distribution to the finest retailers in the world.

• The many fabulous celebrity endorsements that portray the Gucci lifestyle.

• Sponsorship of glamorous events around the world.

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As a result of leveraging many secondary brand associations, Gucci consistently builds brand equity and value. The company continues to grow and will continue to set strategic goals that optimize positive brand associations in the minds of its consumers.

—Robert Vergara
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