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Hook Up with Video Marketing

Build a relationship

Building a relationship with a potential customer is like developing a relationship with a potential soulmate. Being interesting and appealing may be enough to initially capture someone’s attention, but eliciting emotion is how you keep them interested. If making someone feel something is vital to a relationship, then video is the best way for marketers to make a lasting impact on consumers. In addition to being the most trackable form of web-based content, video has also been shown to improve conversion rates. (https://www.nirandfar.com/the-psychology-of-persuasive-video/).

Video also creates opportunities for the consumers you are targeting to share content with like-minded audiences.

Video Gives Us “The Feels

Seeing human expressions, hearing emotional sounds and music, and being immersed in a personal story— and being moved by these— is what makes us human. Multi-sensory stories take us from happy, to sad, to excited, to nostalgic, and every emotion in between. When consumers experience this variety of emotions it helps marketers convey attributes about their services, products, and brands.

Video Provides Crucial Analytics

Venmo fixie knausgaard readymade. 3 wolf moon blue bottle sartorial blog. Vegan beard messenger bMost video hosting platforms provide robust tools that analyze how long someone watches a video. This helps determine when they lose interest and shows why and when a video is engaging or not. This information helps marketers adjust content and strategies to maintain consumers’ interest as long as possible. This may explain why people who watch product videos have much higher conversion rates than those who do not watch.

Share and Share Alike

Marketers can take advantage of digital “word of mouth” by encouraging their audiences to share content with others. This is a low-cost way to distribute their content to a far-reaching audience without adding significant costs to the marketing budget. Although partnering with influencers may incur some cost, it is usually much less expensive than incorporating an extensive world-wide distribution plan (https://hbr.org/2015/09/why-some-videos-go-viral).

Marketing and Video: A Perfect Match

Using video to attract audiences is the most effective web-based tool marketers can use to convert potential customers. By appealing to our human emotions, tracking how video consumers behave and encouraging them to disseminate your content, marketing and video are a perfect pair. Using video in integrated marketing communication strategies can help engage consumers and create consumer soulmates who commit to long-term relationships.

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