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Increase Conversions by Focusing on the Rule of Seven

The odds are low of converting a prospective customer the first time you send them a marketing message. The rule of seven has been used for decades and states that a purchase will take place after a person has had seven interactions with your brand. Therefore, it is important to convey valuable information at every touchpoint on the customer’s journey.

The key to optimizing the Rule of Seven is to have a strategy that addresses consumers’ needs in each stage of their customer life cycle. The messages must be engaging, relevant, and memorable. The process may go something like this:

• A billboard may catch someone’s attention.
• They may see a similar display ad online.
• A friend may tell them they like your products.
• The consumer may search for your industry or category online.
• After some research, the consumer may search for your brand name.
• After finally landing on your website, it may take several visits and gaining familiarity with your content for them to enter their email address.
• You follow up with targeted emails.
• The customer chats with a representative.
• The customer finally makes a purchase.

The Rule of Seven states that conversion rates increase with message frequency. With increased frequency, your message stays at the top of the customer’s mind as they move down the sales funnel. As consumers become familiar with your products and services, they make informed decisions that make the sales process smoother. An informed consumer who is familiar with your brand will increase the likelihood of converting a prospective customer.

—Robert Vergara

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