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Master Card Stresses Flexibility and Versatility to Maintain Brand Value

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Master Card began as Master Charge in 1968. The instant credit and freedom they offered grew the credit card into one of the world’s premier brands. They have evolved and changed their branding elements as their most important media channels have changed.

Changing Channels

The use of personal devices, mobile phones, and social media have made digital and mobile communication primary marketing channels. As a result of these new hand-held media, Master Card capitalized on its 80% brand recognition and removed its name from its visual logos. Their logo simply remains as the familiar red and yellow intersecting circles. The elimination of the text allows the visual logo to be enlarged and more prominent in the digital landscape.

In addition to its visual logo evolution, Master Card has also been strengthening their brand through multisensory branding that appeals to sound, taste, smell, and touch.  

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Multisensory Branding Efforts

Master Card has created a sonic brand ID that includes sonic signatures in advertisements, audio credit confirmations, and has melodies that are tailored to global consumers. Master Card has also created signature flavors and aromas in their cosmopolitan bistros and flagship restaurants around the world. They are also developing augmented realities that immerse consumers in their ideal shopping experiences.

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Great Brands Adapt with the Times

Master Card saw that the world was changing and skillfully changed along with it. The company’s flexibility and willingness to adapt helped its brand become stronger and more efficient. A valuable lesson that can be used day-to-day is to continually evaluate your company’s brand management strategy. Being versatile and adapting to changing technologies and environments ensures that your brand stays relevant and fulfills customer expectations—all while cultivating brand value.

—Robert Vergara
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