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Maximize Big Data and Business Analytics Using Tableau

In today’s digital commerce age, there is more data to analyze than ever before. With so much information generated and collected between consumers and businesses, there is a need for a tool that helps make sense of it all.  

Tableau is a way to connect various data sources and collect, process, store, and organize these giant data. The software allows customized analysis of these sources. Connecting source data from within different departments like manufacturing, sales, accounting, and marketing helps organizations forecast and plan effective strategies.

Various Sources Connect to Inform

Data from Excel, text, remote and local databases can be used as data sources. From within Tableau, the data source page displays the pages from your data file. Sheets in Excel are like tables in a database. Choose to connect single or multiple sheets (tables). By adding the data fields into rows and columns, you can create a detailed analysis of specific data. Instant visualizations and custom-calculated fields allow valuable data to be uncovered.

Take a Higher Point of View

For example, a shoe company collects data from its manufacturing, sales, and marketing departments. These data are connected and can reveal information about raw materials, inventory, local or regional sales, pricing, and more. These data points are now connected, and the shoe company can plan its manufacturing, pricing, and distribution goals using real data.

It’s important for companies to make sense of the enormous amount of information that they collect. Using a tool like Tableau is an effective way to connect various data sources and collect, process, store, and organize giant data to make informed business decisions.

—Robert Vergara

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