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Mobile is the Tool that Promotes Engagement, Delight, and Conversions

Online shopping and shopping carts are easily accessible through mobile phones.

Mobile phones are an extension of the human body at this point. Did you know that 76% who conduct a Google search on their mobile phone will visit the store within one day? This is the power of the most ubiquitous device in history. By the way, 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices.

Mobile First Mentality

It’s no surprise that when obtaining a certification in Google Ads Search, Google recommends you design your search and optimize all channels using a “mobile-first” mindset. As we become more inseparable from this device, mobile marketing is being structured to be the most effective advertising and marketing channel in history.

More than Advertising

Mobile has incredible potential in areas beyond advertising and search. The mobile phone is used as a mapping tool. By implementing digital beacons in locations where consumers may be tracked, such as an amusement park, cruise ship, resort, or retail outlet, it can note customer movement and create interactive opportunities. Similarly, companies have been using augmented reality with mobile devices to maximize the shopping experience.

The mobile “phone” is the most powerful device humans have ever used. Good marketers will take advantage of this medium, since it is always around, to create value for consumers and advertisers.

—Robert Vergara


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