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Pop-up Shop Saves Lives

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Highways England has a huge problem. Although motorcyclists are a minimal percentage of the traffic on UK roads, they account for 20% of the fatalities.

This high fatality rate is due to the segment of older bikers who have access to the most powerful machines. Riders aged 35-54 account for the peaks in summertime fatalities.

This target segment is difficult to reach and influence. Creating awareness about the issue and causing effective change was a difficult task for the Highway Department.

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Highways England engaged an advertising agency and created BikerTech, a pop-up Shop that toured several roadshows, the MotoGranPrix, and several biker cafes.

The pop-up shop contained precision titanium parts that looked like a new range of performance parts for bikers. They were actually medical plates and rods used to repair broken human bones after impactful motorcycle accidents.

For Bikers Not Bikes

After attracting their target audience to seek out “performance parts for bikers”, the bikers were engaged with the pop-up shop’s message. Realizing the parts were representing a message about biker safety and the need to control speeding, the bikers shared their own experiences of accidents and the dangers of speeding.

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You Don’t Want to Have These Parts

The pop-up shop was successful in creating awareness about Highways England’s efforts to reduce fatalities. This campaign’s intended message was received by a target audience that was engaged and interested.

The lasting effects of this experiment have not been measured. However, awareness was raised to a selected segment of the captive audiences that were able to participate in Highway England’s BikerTech pop-up shop.

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