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Reflections on a Brand Strategy Presentation for Martha of Miami

After watching the Brand Strategy plan for Martha of Miami I realized the importance of differentiation and of having unique points of difference to stand apart from your competitors.

Martha of Miami maintains competitive parity by having fun clothing and accessories. Martha separates itself by offering good, solid design with smart messages that are in the lexicon of its Miami home base. The company’s messages can be political, Spanglish, or Miami slang, and it uses design treatments that are familiar and colorful as the city itself.

The company resonated with me because I have lived in Miami for many years and can relate to the witty content, even though I am not of Cuban heritage.

It’s interesting that the company is using cultural clues from other segments in Miami too. They created a line extension variation of the “Raised on” t-shirt series (e.g., Raised on Tostones). They created a Raised on Ajiaco version, showing the awareness of another large ethnic group in the city.

I enjoyed learning about the company. I find some risk in addressing a lot of the social issues and political commentary. So, I admire the courage to be a little risky in this polarized world.

I agree with the recommendations the plan proposed such as incorporating Instagram testimonials from local Miamians on their Instagram feed. I also agree that the owner should continue to take advantage of her strength in public relations and earned media. These channels have helped build brand equity for Mattha of Miami.

Martha of Miami differentiates itself from other clothing retailers by offering a unique perspective to a niche audience of loyal customers who identify strongly with the brand. This loyalty is valuable because even the customers who leave Miami will always be from Miami.

—Robert Vergara
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