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Share of Voice—How Your Brand Measures Up to Competitors

Determining marketing effectiveness can be measured by many different KPIs and performance metrics. Share of voice is a measurement that can be used to analyze social media effectiveness, paid advertising, ­­and organic traffic.

Am I Spending More Than My Competitors?

Originally, share of voice was used exclusively to measure paid advertising. Today, it is also used to determine organic website traffic and social media influence.

This metric can compare the brand awareness of your competitors on various marketing platforms. Share of voice can determine how effective your ads, website traffic, and social media compare to competitors in your industry.

Share of Voice and Market Share

Share of voice, revenue, and market share often go together. As your brand influences more online conversations, it gains influence and authority among users, thereby improving revenue and market share. While share of voice measures brand awareness on certain marketing channels, market share is the percentage that a company controls in terms of total revenue or customers in the industry.

Share of Voice Formula

For example, to find the share of voice for brand mentions, count how many mentions your brand has, then determine how many your competitor has. Divide your mentions by the total mentions to find the share of voice percentage. For the Share of Voice of an ad campaign, divide Ad spend by Total Market Ad Spend.

Share of Voice Helps Planning and Budgets

Therefore, share of voice is a helpful metric to learn how well your brand compares to your competitors. This vital information can provide valuable insights for your advertising (by comparing impressions and PPC), social media (by comparing reach, impressions, mentions, and hashtags), and website traffic strategy.

—Robert Vergara
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