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Social Listening Builds Brand Awareness and Helps Reach Marketing Goals

Social listening is important to businesses because not only does it tell you how popular your brand is, but social listening also tells a company what people like and dislike about them. This vital information does more than monitor mentions and engagement. Social listening data tells businesses how customers feel. It’s important for companies to know what bothers customers about them, and what delights them.

Social listening helps build brand awareness by looking at the frequency of brand mentions and where your visitors come from. A company’s search engine ranking and branded search queries also increase brand awareness. Companies can monitor brand mentions and review positive and negative feedback through social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to monitoring these awareness and engagement data, social listening usually includes listening to competitors’ keywords as well as your specific brand name. The data gathered helps to create strategies and plan future marketing initiatives. These social listening data help identify a company’s shortcomings, reveal the latest trends, improve customer service, and can aid social selling with the most commonly used keywords.

Southwest Airlines is a company that has excelled at social listening and has used this strategy to improve customer service and address their consumer’s needs. The airline actively monitors social media to identify and address customer complaints and suggestions. In one case, Southwest accommodated a customer’s request to change a canceled flight and the issue was resolved by their customer service team within 16 minutes. Without social monitoring and listening, this customer’s issue may have never been resolved.

Therefore, it’s important to use social monitoring and listening to increase brand awareness and understand how the brand is perceived by consumers. This information can reveal the popularity of a brand and how customers feel about it. Social listening is vital for companies to reveal real-time data and implement strategies that improve customer service, increase awareness, improve search engine ranking, and reach marketing goals.

  —Robert Vergara

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