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Understanding the Process of Communication

Human communication is at the core of civilization and society. Effective marketing communicates messages to consumers in the most efficient and persuasive ways—this makes the communication process important to understand.

 The communication process is the act of transmitting a message from one source to another via various mediums. The sender encodes a message through a channel that the receiver decodes and ideally offers feedback about the message to the sender.

 The sender initiates the process, and its effectiveness can be determined by factors like reputation, familiarity, or attractiveness.

 The message can be encoded verbally or non-verbally and can be emotional or practical messages sent through some type of channel.

 The medium or channel depends on who is the intended target for the message. The medium chosen is where they are most likely to decode the message. In addition, repetition and using multiple mediums increase the likelihood of a positive response to the message.

 The receiver of the message may decode it as intended depending on their state of mind, familiarity with the sender, and past experiences.

The desired response would be getting feedback from the message receiver. The sender can determine if the message was interpreted properly and adjustments to the encoding of messages can be made to future messages.

 The communication process is vital to marketing and is essential for human survival. Understanding how the communication process works can help improve the way messages are sent and interpreted by the intended audience.

 —Robert Vergara

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