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What is Considered Effective Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on creating and disseminating relevant, valuable, dependable content that attracts consumers, engages their attention, and fascinates their senses. A content strategy should persuade consumers to action.

Producing quality content helps form a bond with the audience target. Consistently producing valuable content will build trust in the brand and makes consumers more likely to act.

The type of content created depends on the target audience and where they are on the buyer journey. Content can be created to create awareness and drive users to your website in this stage. Or content can be created to engage those users in the consideration stage to become leads, with the goal to build relationships with them and convert them into customers at the decision stage. Once they are customers, valuable content will create customer loyalty and they will eagerly share your content with like-minded consumers.

Organize your content and create a process for publishing content targeting each stage in the buyer’s journey. Plan the content, Plan the timeline for publishing content, and create a workflow for writing, editing, storing, and organizing content. And create a content calendar to visualize the content and audiences they target. To organize the content strategy, use Content Management software with Content analysis tools like Hubspot or HootSuite.

Use emotion to create powerful stories to provide consumers with relevant, valuable, engaging, and fulfilling content in each stage of the buyer’s journey.

—Robert Vergara

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