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What is the Marketing Mix?

Historically, there have been 8 modes of communication that marketing communications professionals have used as reliable channels to promote and sell their products. These are:

• the traditional salesforce
• sales promotion
• advertising
• events
• public relations or publicity
• mobile marketing
• database and direct marketing, and
• social media marketing.

The sales force is a personal and effective way to communicate with customers. This is especially true during the later stages of the buyer’s journey. Having a salesperson establish a relationship with a customer helps to convince and spur action toward the decision-making process.

Sales promotion tools include coupons, discount codes and create a strong response fom biyers. These promotions gain attention, create incentives to buy, and invite the consumer to engage with the product or brand.

Advertising can reach a wider audience depending on budgetary factors. Advertising is also crucial to building a brands image and is used to persuade by its ability to repeat a message or concept and by taking advantage of the several mediums available to consistently repeat, remimd, and strengthen the exact communication goals of the seller.

Events and experiences can be very successful of they are relevant to a consumers needs and are engaging enough for consumers to allocate time and energy toparticipate in an onteresting experience that has value for both the seller and the participant.

Public relations strategies are not used as much as in the past, but can be very effective. This mode of communication can sway a person’s opinion because they tend to imply authoritative sources with credibility and are therefore effective in reaching hard to find buyers.

Mobile marketing is the future of targeted marketing because of the ubiquity of mobile phones. Since almost everyone has a mobile device, communication with thes e people can be very influential, persuasive and timely.

Database and direct marketing have the advantage of using pertinent customer information that can be customized and personal. These methods can create attention and inform customers to take action. This method supports other channels to create a complete strategy to achieve communication goals.

Social media marketing is interactive, has the ability to convey as much or as little information as needed, and can be timely and up-to-date. The recent past has shown that social media marketing has the ability to communicate effectively by using algo rhythms that target consumers effectively.

Marketers use a combination of these methods to establish a successful marketing mix. Depending on the organization and its goals, some, or all of these methods can be part of a successful marketing program and marketing mix. For specific examples please click here.

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